Saturday, 15 March 2014

Be wary of unintended blog settings

In my previous post I reported my discovery of Google's "Auto Enhance" feature for images uploaded to Blogger and more generally to Google's Picasa. My response to finding out about this has been to explore alternative blogging platforms, Wordpress being the obvious first port of call. As a trial I exported my blog from here in Blogger - easy to do - and after setting up an account with Wordpress at and selecting a free template I imported my blog to Wordpress - also easy to do. And it seems to be a success with all entries and photographs 'faithfully' displayed.

Today I accessed my Twitter account (@virtuallygrey) only to find 48 new tweets from me, one for each of my blog entries. It seems Wordpress has tweeted every one of my entries. My fault for not realising what happens when in Wordpress you link to Twitter. It's ok for each new post to be tweeted, in fact that's exactly what I want, but I failed to understand that every post in my imported blog would also be tweeted. Live and learn. I've now deleted all 48 tweets.

I'm still deliberating whether to migrate my blog permanently to Wordpress. If I do I will make a final post here in Blogger with a link - but also keep this blog open for some while with no further updates.


  1. Hi Steve. Same problem here. It seems Google has given us yet one more reason to ditch Blogger. When you adopted a new template on Wordpress did you have to manually resize all of your photos? (Ugh) Any further thoughts on escaping Auto Enhance?
    Your work is terrific, btw.

  2. Becky,
    Google gives us some good stuff for free but they're now extracting a price from us in all sorts of subtle ways. My recollection is that Wordpress imported my images exactly as I had them in blogger - but as I always size my images the way I want them before uploading them I can't be sure what the import to Wordpress would do with varying size images. The only way to escape auto enhance, or "Auto Google Knows Best", as far as I've been able to ascertain is to sign up to G+ and turn it off.