Sunday, 12 June 2016

27 hikes on Bredon Hill so far this year ...

I've now completed 27 photohikes on Bredon Hill since starting on 1st January. After each hike I post a few photographs from the day on my Bredon Hill blog - linked here.

Circumhorizon Arc ...

I recently returned from a road trip that took in The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Seattle and the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Whilst staying in Chelan I was lucky to see a spectacular Circumhorizon Arc just above the horizon directly below the sun. I photographed it (of course) and sent it to Les Cowley who runs the superb website Atmospheric Optics. He immediately let me know that it was a particularly good example and that he’d use it for a forthcoming “Optics Picture of the Day (OPOD)”. He posted it this afternoon, here are the links:

Webesite Home Page:
OPOD - it’s here for the next few days:
Permanent location if you miss it as the OPOD during the next few days:

It was spectacular - the first time I’ve ever seen one.