Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Roy Harrington's Print-Tool

Roy Harrington has recently released an updated version of his Print-Tool (formerly known as QTR-Print-Tool). It's available from the Print-Tool web page, as is the User Guide which I've written for Roy - linked here. The User Guide is free; Print-Tool costs $39 (USD). If you have any feedback on the User Guide that would make it more clear or more helpful then please email me or Roy.

And ... what is Print-Tool? It's a layout and print application for Mac OS X. Print-Tool features include:

Position and resize multiple images on a page
simple drag and drop images, drag edges and corners

Accepts many formats
  • jpg, tif, psd, png, gif
  • 8-bit or 16-bit; RGB or grayscale

Print to any print driver
  • QuadToneRIP, Epson, Epson ABW, HP

Expanded control of ICC color management
  • Off, Application Controlled, System Controlled
  • Rendering Intents - Perceptual, Relative, Saturation
  • Black Point Compensation
  • Soft Proofing

Requires Mac OS X with Intel Processor
  • Snow Leopard 10.6.8 - Lion 10.7 - Mountain Lion 10.8 - Mavericks 10.9

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cloud and Sky Landscapes

I've added 10 new images to my website - linked here. Whilst they are mostly landscapes, the sky is the main feature of each image. Here are two:

Dawn Over Eureka Dune - Death Valley
Owens Valley - Sunset Over the Eastern Sierras

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Gower - Peak District - Thames Path

On a hike on the Gower on Monday we came across an old 6 foot log washed up on the beach. It was almost completely covered with Goose Barnacles. They are so named for their resemblance to a goose head and the ancient belief that they are embryonic geese. Wild geese generally breed in higher northern latitudes, beyond sight of most people in the middle ages so they never saw them breed - hence their 'theory'. More specifically Barnacle Geese are named after these barnacles due to their head pattern resembling a goose barnacle.

The first week of this year was spent in the Peak District. Not much photography but I did find a few worthwhile images.

And finally - my project to hike the Thames Path is on hold due to there not being too much path to hike. The recent rains have flooded the river throughout much of its non-tidal length and it will take weeks (at least) before the path becomes hike-able once more. Linked here.