Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Green River Panorama - NASA's EPOD

NASA's Earth Sciences Division posted my "Green River Panorama" photograph as their Picture Of the Day (EPOD) on Monday (27th February). Linked here.  Thank you NASA ESD.

Green River Panorama - Sunrise

Monday, 20 February 2012

Sky picture posted by Cloud Appreciation Society.

Very pleased to see that The Cloud Appreciation Society has posted a stormy sky picture (in monochrome) that I took in White Pocket in northern Arizona September 2011.  Linked here.  It's a mono version of a colour image stitched together from 4 or 5 vertical format frames.  Occasionally I submit pictures to the Society and am pleased to say that they often publish them.

Stormy Sky over White Pocket, Arizona

They (CAS) are publishing a book this year entitled "Clouds That Look Like Things" - one of my images of a gnarly hand-shaped cloud will be included.

Gnarly Hand Cloud

Friday, 10 February 2012

Steve Gledhill's Cotswold Way blog has moved ...

I've transferred my blog Steve Gledhill's Cotswold Way blog
from this address to a new address.  In due course I will use this blog for other photography related matters.
Steve Gledhill's Cotswold Way Blog is now at http://thecotswoldway.blogspot.co.uk/