Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Worcester Birmingham Canal - Day 2

I've completed my second day hiking the canal - below are a couple from the day and the latest set are the first 11 here.

Drip Rings

Under the M5

Friday, 15 June 2012

Worcester Birmingham Canal

I've just started a new photo project - hiking from Worcester to Birmingham and back along the Worcester Birmingham canal. The canal is 30 miles long and has 58 locks (on average one every half mile) along its length. My photography along the way is not intended to document the canal, rather, I use the opportunity that hiking presents to look for scenes and images along the way that I find appealing.  There will be some strictly canal photographs but alongside them are likely to be more that don't give any clue to the canal's proximity. It will take about 6 visits/days each of around 10 miles to complete the hike. The days will not be all in one stretch but each separated by maybe a week or two. I can and often do walk many more miles in a day but adding in photography time cuts down the daily range significantly. All of the images to date from the hike are linked to my website - here. And here are three from day one ...

30 Miles and 58 Locks

Dark Lock

Peeling Pastel Paint Pattern

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Twitter @virtuallygrey

On the off chance that anyone is interested I have an account at Twitter (@virtuallygrey) that I use to notify new work or images that have been published. I don't use it for anything else.

New Images on my Website

I've just completed a website update to add a new set of images from Puglia, the heel of Italy, three images from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacon on the Malvern Hills, and four recent cloud images. My "New Image" page is linked here. Several of the Jubilee and Cloud images are also in posts below.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bonfire Night Photography

Yesterday was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  Four thousand beacons were lit to commemorate the occasion. The photographs below were taken on Worcestershire Beacon - the highest point on the Malvern Hills. Travelling east from that point you'll next reach land at that altitude (1395ft) when you get to the Urals in Russia, some 2500 miles. For me it offered the chance to try something new - photography at night. The one thing I learnt - which I already knew of course was the value of a light but sturdy tripod.

I knew it was to be a full moon last night so I sought out just about the only place available for my tripod where I could get both the moon and the beacon in the frame. "The Photographer's Ephemeris" is an invaluable tool for researching the timing and positioning of the sun and moon so that you can plan ahead for where their positions are important for your photograph.

I took almost 300 shots last evening of which I am satisfied with just a handful, which means, it was a good result. I've also included these three photographs in my Malvern Hills blog here.

Full Moon Rising over the Diamond Jubilee Beacon
Fly the Flag
Making Tracks Back Home

More Cloud Appreciation

And another thank you to the Cloud Appreciation Society for posting another one of my photos. It was taken later on the same day as the one in the previous post but it's taken me two months to add it here! It's linked here at the CAS.
After the Rain and Just before Sunset