Thursday, 10 March 2016

Now on Day 12 of my "On Bredon Hill - 2016" project

Today I completed my 12th hiking and photography outing "On Bredon Hill - 2016" since starting on 1st January this year. By now I must have covered about 80% of the public and permissive path on the hill and have so far published 50 photographs on my project blog: linked here: So I'm just starting covering some ground for the second time which is where the challenge comes - to find new images from where I've been before. This will be partly facilitated by the changing seasons, by my aiming to walk in 'the other direction' and at different times of the day and of course in different weather and light. In addition to the photographs from each day's hike I select just one from each day and post it on my website here: - 12 in all so far.
Reflected Oak