Thursday, 11 September 2014

NASA's Earth Science Picture of the Day - EPOD

A few days ago I had my eighth photograph published by NASA’s Earth Science Division Picture of the Day - known as EPOD. It’s of Bowling Ball Beach on the coast of Northern California. It came as a surprise when I looked back that I’d had eight in total since I submitted and had accepted my first photograph in August 2011. I’ve just been looking back over them and taking stock of why they seem to be accepted quite readily. This quote from their ‘About EPOD’ link really reflects what I try to send them for consideration - “The Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) highlights the diverse processes and phenomena which shape our planet and our lives.” I don’t go out looking for photographs that might interest them, on the contrary I only look for images that interest me which, fortuitously, sometimes match up with what they want to see. I try to keep my image making simple which perhaps helps to focus on one particular feature of the landscape that contains sufficient (usually) geological interest. Anyway … all 8 of my EPODs can be found by searching for ‘Gledhill’ (so far I’m the only one) in the search box on their EPOD home page. One is from Madeira, one from England, one from Wales, and five from the USA. Their EPOD is announced daily by @EarthPic

Copied from the EPOD footer:
EPOD is a service of NASA's Earth Science Division
and the EOS Project Science Office
(at Goddard Space Flight Center) and the
Universities Space Research Association.