Wednesday, 26 September 2012

North Norfolk Coast

A long weekend trip to North Norfolk yielded several images. The weather started fine but deteriorated over Sunday and Monday into the worst September storm in the UK for 30 years, although this area seemed to miss the worst of it.

Reflections on Holkham
Here comes the rain - with a faint 22 degree sun halo
Blakeney Guildhall

Another Cloud

Thanks to the Cloud Appreciation Society for posting another of my cloud pictures - linked here. It was one of four I published herein a couple of weeks or so ago.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Photograph or Painting - Colour or Mono

Occasionally I'll take a picture that may be ok as a photograph but for me it would make an excellent basis for a painting. This image of a pair of Cedar trees reflected in the lake is a case in point. I can see this as a watercolour in soft pastel shades. Unfortunately I have zero ability when it comes to wielding a paintbrush so this image will stay as a photograph. Am I tempted to cheat by 'artifying' it using photoshoppery or 'art' type filters? Certainly not.

Croome Park Cedars

An alternative that I do like is this monochrome rendition:

Croome Park Cedars
Taken with my pocket S95.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

This Week's Sunset Skies

The sky is a source of infinite variety for photography. We've had some splendid evening skies this past week. These four were all taken from near my home at or around sunset on three different evenings.