Monday, 16 April 2012

Cloud Appreciation

Thanks again to the Cloud Appreciation Society for posting one of my photos. It's linked here at the CAS and also appears on my Malverns blog - on Day 7 here.

Storm over The Cotswolds - from Chase End Hill on The Malverns

I've now received my copies of the just published CAS book - "Clouds that look like Things" with my Gnarly Hand image. I referred to this and showed the photo in the first post in this blog.  It's very satisfying to get an image published in a book.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Always Carry a Camera

There's been a major about turn from the incredible warm sunny spring weather we've been having for the last few weeks. The shot below was taken two days ago in South Wales on The Skirrid - or Ysgyryd Fawr in Welsh.  The blizzard conditions weren't ideal for using my 5x4 camera or even my 7D. But my S95 snappycam came out for a second or two to record the scene. It's always worth carrying a camera - even a snappycam.
Skirrid Blizzard