Friday, 15 June 2012

Worcester Birmingham Canal

I've just started a new photo project - hiking from Worcester to Birmingham and back along the Worcester Birmingham canal. The canal is 30 miles long and has 58 locks (on average one every half mile) along its length. My photography along the way is not intended to document the canal, rather, I use the opportunity that hiking presents to look for scenes and images along the way that I find appealing.  There will be some strictly canal photographs but alongside them are likely to be more that don't give any clue to the canal's proximity. It will take about 6 visits/days each of around 10 miles to complete the hike. The days will not be all in one stretch but each separated by maybe a week or two. I can and often do walk many more miles in a day but adding in photography time cuts down the daily range significantly. All of the images to date from the hike are linked to my website - here. And here are three from day one ...

30 Miles and 58 Locks

Dark Lock

Peeling Pastel Paint Pattern

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