Monday, 12 March 2012

Tony Kuyper's Photoshop Actions

Over the last two years or so I've been using some of the Photoshop actions created by Tony Kuyper.  They are tools that allow the 'enhancement' of images for luminosity and saturation - and several other aspects of image realisation. The actions build on Photoshop's masking capability to selectively work on image areas to such an extent that they bring a whole new level of control to the image maker.  They can be used at the 'strength' chosen by you - so an image can be subtly enhanced (the way I work) or grossly enhanced if that's what you want (not my style).  I'll make no attempt here to elaborate - I simply encourage you to go to Tony's website - here - and see what he has made available.  His actions are available for a small charge - and worth every penny.  I've posted this after seeing his latest tools which include a Custom Photoshop Panel which brings together many of his actions into a much more accessible way.

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